Why You NEED To Publish An Online Newsletter

Anyone that has been into internet marketing for any length of time has heard the saying: ‘The money is in the list’. Savvy internet marketers agree that one of the easiest ways to grow and KEEP a list of prospects is by publishing a high quality, informative online newsletter at set intervals.

Publishing an online newsletter will help you to:

• Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche – By establishing yourself as an expert in your niche, your prospects will assume you are a reliable source for the information they are looking for.

• Build credibility – If you have a high level of credibility, people will be more apt to believe that you are able to provide the answer to the problem that they are having.

• Build a rapport with your subscribers – Building rapport is one of the most fundamental sales techniques. If you build a rapport with your readers, you will be able to build a relationship with them quicker and also gain their trust and confidence. Rapport is a powerful tool that will enable you to close more deals with less effort.

• Build a relationship with your existing and potential customers – People tend to purchase from those they know and trust. By building a relationship with your audience, you will find it is much easier to sell your products or services to them.

• Have a direct line of communication with your prospects – Opening a line of communication will allow you to ask your readers a multitude of questions. For example, you could ask them what information they are looking for. If you have an open line of communication with your subscribers, they will be more willing to respond to anything you ask them about. For example, you might send them a survey asking what kind of information they are looking for. You would then know exactly what your next product or service should be about.

• Provide information about your niche – People are always looking for information that will benefit them. Providing quality information about your chosen niche via your newsletter will not only benefit your prospects, but will also benefit you as you will be the person they go to for answers to their questions. Which you will provide them with through your products and services.

• Increase awareness of your business – In the movie, ‘A Field of Dreams’, one of the most famous lines was; ‘Build it and they will come’. But that doesn’t happen in real life. You need to make people aware of your business and what you are offering.

• Have a way to introduce new products and services to your prospects – If you have a list of prospects, you have an audience you can promote to over and over again. While you may still need to invest in some paid advertising, a receptive list of prospects that you have built a rapport and have a relationship with, will be very lucrative as well as cost effective.

• Be able to raise money quickly whenever you want – If you have an emergency, or are short on cash for whatever reason, sending an offer to your list of subscribers enables you to raise funds quickly and without needing to setup a time consuming adverting campaign.

Ezine Publishing – Ways to Earn with Publishing Your Articles Online

With a lot of people writing their ways to earn online, publishing ezines is becoming a trend. Publishing ezines is a big tool used as a marketing strategy for online businesses. The good thing about it is you don’t have to be a master of the craft to be able to do it.

Here are the few simple things you can do to earn by publishing ezines:

Get Equipped with Autoresponders. An autoresponder would help you distribute your ezine to as many people as you want. They are programmed in such a way that the articles are sent to people who you want to these articles.

Include Advertisement. A lot of ezines sent to people include advertising banners or links. These are not just there for free. This is a part of some companies’ marketing scheme so if your making the ezine, you can be paid a lot by just including those in what you’re publishing.

Sell your Skills. If you are good in making ezines, you can provide your service to companies that need ezine writers. There are a lot of them online. You just need to know where to look for projects like this. You can search in forums, job bidding programs and job directories. Companies pay good incentives for people who are really experienced in marketing using ezines so start building your portfolio by creating your own ezines.

Ezine is really becoming a big thing in Internet marketing. So don’t be left behind. Anyway, it’s really easy to publish and earn from your very own ezine.

Why Use Ezine Advertising For Your Online Business?

An ezine is an online publication that is sent to readers via email.

Ezine advertising is highly targeted which means that you can instantly get to your specific audience with an advertising campaign in an appropriate ezine. People who like baking read baking ezines, people who are interested in health and fitness read health-related ezines, people who want to make money online read business opportunity or internet marketing ezines, and so on.

The key to success with ezine advertising is to match up the ezine content to your offer. This means that if an ezine has a substantial readership it does not automatically mean that it will attract your target market. It might sound good that a certain ezine has tens of thousands of subscribers, but if you are trying to sell a product that has no relevance to those subscribers, you will waste your money.

It is much better to invest in an advertisement in a smaller, more targeted, ezine which will get you far better success and cost you much less.

Individuals who read ezines are doing so simply because they requested it, and thus have a significant interest in what the content of the ezine. This is why ezine advertising is a great niche-marketing resource as you can reach people who are already interested in your product or service.

An additional effective factor about ezines is that they are sent by email. Email is the most powerful form of marketing on the internet. Also, ezine advertising is never categorized as junk mail because the people who read ezines have opted in to those publications. The only people who receive a particular ezine are the people who requested it.

The 3 popular types of ezine advertising.

Solo ads

A solo ad is basically an email sent to the ezine's list of subscribers. When you purchase a solo ad, your ad is the only message the reader sees, and so the name, "solo" is created. While these ads are more expensive, a solo ad is your best option for ezine advertising if you have proven ad text and if your website or landing page works well.

Sponsor ads

Sponsor ads are located in the middle or at the top of ezine. You usually will not be the only sponsor ad on the page, so make sure your ad is unique for the highest possible effect. Sponsor ads are less expensive than solo ads.

When you buy a sponsor ad, check precisely where the ad will be positioned before you buy.

Classified ads

A typical classified ad is a text ad, normally between 3 to 5 lines long and arranged with other ads in a specific section. Classified ezine advertising is like the classified ads in your local newspapers.

The internet is the greatest advertising medium ever produced but because there are so many people online selling products and services the market is crowded and very competitive.

Therefore you need a competitive advantage for your online business and a way of advertising almost any product to almost any audience easily and at low cost. Ezine advertising does this for you.