Ezines – What Are They and Why Use Them?

Think of your favorite magazines. The articles and advice held your interest, and you looked forward to the weekly or monthly editions. The topics were subject-specific to your hobby, career, or general curiosity and they were broad enough to enable you to explore areas you’ve never considered.

Some magazines offer “opinion columns” or “reader feedback” and “tell us what you think” space just for you. Your opinion counted. You, the reader, were the life line of the magazine’s existence. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this world of high-tech sophistication, we have just defined an Ezine.

An Ezine is nothing more than an electronic magazine. It is a tool used to communicate the same information you received in print. Magazines are delivered through the mail to people who “subscribe”. Ezines are delivered through the email to people who subscribe.

Unlike print magazines, Ezines are usually free and there are many thousands available to select covering almost any topic you could possibly consider. Nothing is too remote or far-fetched in the imagination.

Subscribing to an Ezine is like joining a club of with people who have the same interests. There are Ezines for the culinary arts, home and garden, interior design, spiritual and inspirational, educational, business, writing, marketing and promoting, training, and the list goes on and on. Whether your interest is writing articles for Ezines or developing an Ezine of your own, you need to know the options available and how to access them. Before launching your own Ezine, take the time to explore the internet, visit various Ezines and explore the topics.

Ezines thrive on quality content and credibility of its authors. People subscribe to an Ezine because they have a need for advice and information or seek comprehensive research on a specific topic. As the editor, you are responsible to insure this happens which means you must know the subject so that you can scrutinize articles you receive. One way to guarantee success is to take the time to write several articles.

“Learning by doing” is the key to success in any endeavor. If you want to publish an ezine, you should understand the nuts and bolts of its creation and development. That can only occur by actually performing the tasks and functions necessary yourself. Remember, your name and reputation is connected to this very public communication.

Why Consider Developing An Ezine?

An Ezine is a marketing tool that drives traffic to your web site. It’s the “carrot,” the “draw” to what you want your visitors to really see. Your web site is the selling point of the product or service. Your Ezine is an effective tool for leading potential customers to that site.

Let’s take another look at the print magazine. What do you think covers some of the cost for its publication? That’s right!! The products and services advertised for sale. Each time a subscriber reads an article, they have the potential of being led to a product or service sold in that magazine. The same thing occurs when using the Ezine. Most of the articles topics will spark interest that can lead the reader to a product or service offered for sale on the web site. Yes, the initial start-up in Ezine creation can be time consuming, but it one of the best product and service referral sources around. Write you plan, take it slow and be committed to succeed.

Are Ezines Dead?

For such a long period of time, ezines were the most popular forms of online marketing. Although recently word has been spreading that you maybe wasting your time and efforts using ezines to market your product or service. Could this be true? Let’s take a better look to give you better insight into this form of marketing.

To better understand this marketing technique, define what an ezine is. Basically, an ezine is an electronic magazine or newspaper that targets your segment of your market. These electronic magazines are widely distributed and one very important factor is that it is subscription based meaning that people opt in to get the information. Literally, these people of opt in are looking for information pertaining to your product and service. A common marketing adage is that the money is in the list and using the subscribers to your ezine you are able to send valuable information to a targeted group of individuals. It way to build a loyal following and promote your business and products or services.

Utilizing this form of marketing allows you to introduce new products or services to eager buyers. Why else would people opt in to your newsletter. An important point to remember is that you should not look at it as a way to just sell to people, but use it wisely to build long term relationships with your subscribers. Use the ezine to build your business and yourself as authority on your product or service. Provide useful and valuable information to build trust among your subscribers. Once you build this relationship with your subscribers, sales will ultimately follow.

The notion that the use of ezines as a marketing tool is useless is simply not true. Those nay sayers are likely those marketers who have no idea of how to use them effectively and have not had any success with their use. The more you understand how to use ezines as a marketing tool, the more rewards you will reap in the end. It’s not a tool that should be used just full of sales pitches, but rather a relationship builder and a vehicle to provide useful information. Providing useful and up to date information is way to build a great and lost lasting bond with your readers and will likely result in sales.

If you currently have not made use of an ezine, it’s time you got started. It’s a low cost way to generate additional sales and also provides you with a list of eager buyers you can sell to, provided you have built a solid relationship with your subscribers. The use of ezines is not dead as some would have you believe, but are still used by the top marketers in the internet. Learning how to use them effectively will show up in additional profits for your business.

Advantages of Ezines

When you have an online business, the need of ezines is definitely felt. Since they are a specialized form of webzines, they make sure that the voice of your business is conveyed via magazines or newsletters. Let’s see that how Ezines are responsible in developing position of authority in your respective field.

The first advantages of Ezines are that they promote your business online in the way you desire it to. You can filter off and discard the irrelevant information that is available on the web and provide relevant information to the type of people who have interests that correspond to your interests.

Ezines mean good business for you – you can expand/proliferate your business by giving people access to all of your online subscriptions with the help of a monthly/annual fee. Additionally, whatever you write up, you can bring it into multi-purpose use. For instance, an ezine can be used for presentations in seminars, composing an e-book, and even for publishing an article on your website. Always remember that search engines are in the hunt for new content and in this perspective, they will appreciate what you have to offer.

Not only can your business get famous, but you can also generate more revenue by expanding your ezines work to various places. For example, targeted search advertisements are particularly helpful in building and generating revenue. Your ezines advertisements will be displayed everywhere: for example classified advertisements, affiliations, and recognitions with various websites and high profile online display advertising services.

Viral marketing is one of the reasons why business professionals prefer ezines. This means that your business will not be static at one place; it will keep expanding (nationally as well as internationally) as more and more people will come to know of it. This applies to both short scale and long scale businesses.

One of the best advantages of an ezine is the time investment. Ezines require minimal time investment and you can even find some ezines that are just made up of a single catchy headline incorporated into an online advertisement that will do it all for you. Some think of it better than article writing where you require huge amount of time in order to think and write on a particular topic.

Ezines can prove highly successful for your business if they are targeted on the right audience and if the advertisement relating to your ezines are attractive enough to make the viewer visit your website.

To conclude, it can be said that ezines are better than simple articles and it is better to place online advertisements relating to your ezines rather than placing simple articles. Placing online ezines will not only attract people, but will also help you in saving your annual costs that you previously possibly used to spend on getting print magazines. Additionally, once you start building your clientele and subscribers, people will start noticing you and you will see the traffic numbers at your website being augmented on daily basis.