Make Your Prospect Want You – Part 2

Prospects will seek you out if you become the magnetic solution to their pain. Positioning yourself as the ‘guru’ in their niche is a sure way to draw them to you.

Entrepreneurs, who shout with pride and joy that they simply ‘declared’ themselves the expert, often omit to recount the hours, the expense, the discipline and mindset of acquiring the specialized knowledge which must be in place before you proclaim yourself as the expert.

If you proclaim yourself the leader and no one is following then you are either out on a limb or out for a walk – pick your choice.

Evidence of your expertise will come from:

  • The ideas you communicate as you put out your content in various forms.
  • Evidence of the usefulness of your specialized knowledge in terms of providing solutions to real contemporary problems
  • Testimonials from raving fans and
  • Buzz about you from other experts and thought leaders

The new rules of media and PR, especially with the advent of web 2.0 give every entrepreneur, small business owner or professional the opportunity to place your expertise directly in front of prospects.

In part 1, we looked at blogging and I encouraged you to craft a deliberate strategy to closely link your content to identified pain or passion points of your target niche and optimize title tags and keywords of your blog in a way that allow prospects to easily find you.


Other Ways To Showcase Your Expertise

Ezine Articles – Publish your own and duplicate/modify the content for your blog. Make sure your blog is registered at and link your blog and ezine. Register your ezine with the ezine directories and repurpose your articles for submission to sites such as idea marketer and ezine articles.


Press Releases – media coverage means legitimacy and expert/trusted source. Monitor PR sites to get a feel for their focus, angle and reach. Frame your content into newsworthy angle that the media is looking for, use their guideline for submission or get some coaching help. Leave a trail that can lead prospects back to you by ensuring that PR service allows tags and links.


Teleseminars – Any body can do this. There are countless courses and programs to refine your skills here if necessary. The key is to know your objective. A formula I use is to state my promise in the opening grabber, have 35-40% content have 30-35 % testimonials/stories of the application of that content 10 -20% audience interaction/Q&A, 10-15% call to action.


Publish a Book – a book is the ultimate expert tool and it much easier to do that you may think. Today you can literally “speak your book into being’. Entrepreneurs and small business owners do not get confused about awakening their literary genius. They get clear that the objective of a book is as a direct marketing piece. Develop and objective and an outline, using a digital or telephone recording service, speak your book into being one idea or one chapter at a time. Have the audio transcribed, edit it and get help from a reputable ‘Done For You’ book publishing service to get your book out.


The process of developing your own expert status may take time, if you desire to go faster add the following strategy.


Start Speaking Regularly  – ‘become almost famous’, signal your local media, radio stations, journalist, trade associations of your availability to comment on news and trends in your area of expertise. Feed them with articles and sound bites of your won or from your personal archive.

Develop a signature talk and signal industry players, and associations that you are available for keynote presentation at meetings or conventions or special events. Before long the buzz and referral will begin.


Now that you have their attention you must have a Call To Action that:


Monetize Your Expertise


Develop at least 3 levels of products that prospect can access.


Level 1 – Information/awareness

This could be an e-book, a MP3 recording, a self assessment or skill development workshop. Any product that could be an impulse type purchase designed to get the prospect oriented to paying money for what you have to offer.


Level 2 – DIY/Home Study systems.

Many prospects often assume that their current skill sets can easily be transferred into other areas needed to make their business a success. They want to be able to test their comprehension and implementation ability and a DIY system aka your home study courses, gives them this opportunity at a price point they may feel more willing to invest at initially.


Level 3 – Personal Service Delivery

This genre is reserved for your seminars, consulting and coaching programs and is designed to yield big income surges

You can make your prospect want you. Find ways to position your self as the expert provider of creative solutions to their problem and have products or programs that allow them to choose their level of involvement with you.


Steer clear of both the ‘copy cat’ and the ’empty bucket’ syndrome and thrive in any economy.


I am currently interviewing a panel of marketing masters who will be providing numerous examples of how they positioned themselves as the one and only choice their prospects should desire. Join us any Tuesday up to May 19, 2009 to interact and learn directly from the masters.