Ezine Publishing – Ways to Earn with Publishing Your Articles Online

With a lot of people writing their ways to earn online, publishing ezines is becoming a trend. Publishing ezines is a big tool used as a marketing strategy for online businesses. The good thing about it is you don’t have to be a master of the craft to be able to do it.

Here are the few simple things you can do to earn by publishing ezines:

Get Equipped with Autoresponders. An autoresponder would help you distribute your ezine to as many people as you want. They are programmed in such a way that the articles are sent to people who you want to these articles.

Include Advertisement. A lot of ezines sent to people include advertising banners or links. These are not just there for free. This is a part of some companies’ marketing scheme so if your making the ezine, you can be paid a lot by just including those in what you’re publishing.

Sell your Skills. If you are good in making ezines, you can provide your service to companies that need ezine writers. There are a lot of them online. You just need to know where to look for projects like this. You can search in forums, job bidding programs and job directories. Companies pay good incentives for people who are really experienced in marketing using ezines so start building your portfolio by creating your own ezines.

Ezine is really becoming a big thing in Internet marketing. So don’t be left behind. Anyway, it’s really easy to publish and earn from your very own ezine.

Importance of Sending a Company Newsletter

Newsletter is a publication that is sent periodically to a group of people. With the development of technology, companies send digital newsletters to their subscribers through emails. Plenty of reasons are available for a company to send newsletters on a regular basis.

There are some tools which are specifically designed to help company owners in sending the newsletter. If you can get an email newsletter publisher, it will automate everything. All you need to do is to create the newsletter and give the remaining work to the newsletter software.

From the researches, it has been identified that 42 percent of the newsletter subscribers are more likely to buy from the companies that they have subscribed to. They feel that it is safe to buy products or services from your company. This article will let you know the importance of sending email newsletter to the potential customers of your company.


Newsletters can help any company to achieve a higher brand recall. Through a business newsletter, you can interact with your customers and give them the opportunity to contact you with less hassle. When the customers get an issue with your product, they will tend to go through the email newsletter and contact you. When they are going for an upgrade to a more sophisticated product or service, your company will be the first one that will come to their mind. This will assist your company to enhance the customer base and make more sales.

Promote products/Services:

Sending company newsletters through email can be considered as a cost effective solution available for the companies to promote their products. It is a cheaper option than printing broachers or newsletters. Sending email newsletters are environmental friendly and they do not have the ability to cause any harmful effect to the nature.

Keep in touch with subscribers/clients:

You can send information like articles, announcements, free resources, related products, new products, free upgrades etc. to your subscriber base.This way they will know what is going on with your company and keep coming back to your web sites to read the content or get to know the updates.

Unlike other forms of communication that are inconvenient and difficult to personalize, business email newsletters are a breeze. A variety of email marketing tools are there and you need to go for a good and a reputed one out of them in order to experience a hassle free service.

A good newsletter publishing tool will manage your email list and customer base according to the way you want. From this option, you can send customized newsletters based on the profiles of customers. Doing the same thing on a printing campaign requires a lot of time as well as money. The email newsletter sending applications can make the life easy for you and give you the opportunity to get the maximum out of technology in order to develop your business.

If you haven’t started sending your own business newsletter, it is the perfect time to start and take your business to greater heights. Spending some time and money to look for the perfect newsletter publishing tool will be a great investment done towards the future of your company.

5 Ways to Make Money with Your E-zine

If you’ve been publishing an e-zine for at least 6 months but still aren’t seeing real results from it, it’s time for a tune up. Here are 5 ways to improve your e-zine:

(1.) Spend more time tooting your own horn. At least 25% of your e-zine space should be about nothing but YOU. In this space you should give promos for your services, products, books, workshops, etc. You should list testimonials from clients and customers who truly love you.

(2.) Make your subscribers an offer that they simply cannot pass up. This will kickstart them into purchasing your other products and services. This can be a very powerful tactic whenever it is used right. For instance: Put a time limit on your offer (ie a few days

or by next week) for your client to take a percentage off of your product or service.

(3.) This is especially great for consultants and coaches… Your e-zine readers are already well aware that the way in which to get the BEST service from you would be to hire you one-on-one. However, there are lots of people out there who simply may not be able to afford this. So, why not offer them lower-priced options such as group coaching, teleclasses, online seminars, or a manual/e-book.

(4.) Do you often find your readers asking you about a topic which is indirectly related to what you have to offer? If so, then why not resell a resource that you heartily recommend and would put your reputation behind? Receiving commissions for your referals can make you some handsome extra cash for in your pocket. Of course, you don’t ever want to recommend any service or product to your readers that you haven’t spent enough time investigating so that you know that you’d be willing to back it up 100% or you’ll ruin the trust that you’ve worked so hard to build up in your readership.

(5.) While this won’t make you wealthy, you should still consider selling some ad space in your ezine so that you can get some extra cash. You could offer 1 sponsor ad at the top along with several “classified” ads at the bottom and still have plenty of room for boasting about your own product or service. Something like this would be easy to start since your own readers would be a great primary, target audience for buying such ads since they already know that they can trust you. Once they’ve seen their ad effectively presented within your e-zine, you’ll have some power from the word of mouth. You can also list your e-zine in the numerous e-zine advertising directories that can be found all over the Internet. These services help match advertisers with appropriate publishers such as yourself. This does NOT mean that you can’t be selective about the types of ads that you choose to accept though. Of course, your readers will know that these ads don’t represent YOUR business, their quality will still indirectly influence your readers’ perception of you.

Remember! If you’re not getting any direct business from your e-zine right now, you’re still benefiting from it. Your e-zine is helping to establish you as an expert in your field while giving you massive online exposure which only helps add to your credibility. It, along with blogs, will also force you to package your knowledge into concise articles on a regular basis, which you can then recycle for many other marketing uses that you’re sure to find along the way.

How to Use Business Sales Tax Calculator


Calculating how much tax you must pay for your business sales could be difficult to do. You need to know many requirements and formulas needed to find the numbers. You also can use help from a professional, which means you need to spend more money on their service. So, is there a simple solution you can use to find out how much tax you should pay? The answer is a tax calculator. Fortunately, you can easily find it on the internet.

How to Use Tax Calculator to Calculate Your Sales Tax

Generally, you need to insert two types of information to use the calculator and find the amount of tax that you need to pay. Firstly, use the ZIP code of the area where you run your business. As we all know, every state and city in this country has a different tax rate. So, this is an important thing that you need to know, so you get the correct amount of tax you have to pay.

The other thing you also need to put into the calculator is your sales amount. You need to put the correct and the same amount to the record that you have. It is not only the rounded up number. But, you need to put the exact number, including the cents and such.

Once you put those two, you will get the tax amount you need to pay instantly. The good thing about using the tax calculator is you also can find the tax rate in the area where you run your business. Or, if you plan to open the branch in other areas, you also can use the ZIP code of the area where you are going to open your business. Then, you will get the tax rate in that area. So, try it now!

Ezines – What Are They and Why Use Them?

Think of your favorite magazines. The articles and advice held your interest, and you looked forward to the weekly or monthly editions. The topics were subject-specific to your hobby, career, or general curiosity and they were broad enough to enable you to explore areas you’ve never considered.

Some magazines offer “opinion columns” or “reader feedback” and “tell us what you think” space just for you. Your opinion counted. You, the reader, were the life line of the magazine’s existence. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this world of high-tech sophistication, we have just defined an Ezine.

An Ezine is nothing more than an electronic magazine. It is a tool used to communicate the same information you received in print. Magazines are delivered through the mail to people who “subscribe”. Ezines are delivered through the email to people who subscribe.

Unlike print magazines, Ezines are usually free and there are many thousands available to select covering almost any topic you could possibly consider. Nothing is too remote or far-fetched in the imagination.

Subscribing to an Ezine is like joining a club of with people who have the same interests. There are Ezines for the culinary arts, home and garden, interior design, spiritual and inspirational, educational, business, writing, marketing and promoting, training, and the list goes on and on. Whether your interest is writing articles for Ezines or developing an Ezine of your own, you need to know the options available and how to access them. Before launching your own Ezine, take the time to explore the internet, visit various Ezines and explore the topics.

Ezines thrive on quality content and credibility of its authors. People subscribe to an Ezine because they have a need for advice and information or seek comprehensive research on a specific topic. As the editor, you are responsible to insure this happens which means you must know the subject so that you can scrutinize articles you receive. One way to guarantee success is to take the time to write several articles.

“Learning by doing” is the key to success in any endeavor. If you want to publish an ezine, you should understand the nuts and bolts of its creation and development. That can only occur by actually performing the tasks and functions necessary yourself. Remember, your name and reputation is connected to this very public communication.

Why Consider Developing An Ezine?

An Ezine is a marketing tool that drives traffic to your web site. It’s the “carrot,” the “draw” to what you want your visitors to really see. Your web site is the selling point of the product or service. Your Ezine is an effective tool for leading potential customers to that site.

Let’s take another look at the print magazine. What do you think covers some of the cost for its publication? That’s right!! The products and services advertised for sale. Each time a subscriber reads an article, they have the potential of being led to a product or service sold in that magazine. The same thing occurs when using the Ezine. Most of the articles topics will spark interest that can lead the reader to a product or service offered for sale on the web site. Yes, the initial start-up in Ezine creation can be time consuming, but it one of the best product and service referral sources around. Write you plan, take it slow and be committed to succeed.