Are Ezines Dead?

For such a long period of time, ezines were the most popular forms of online marketing. Although recently word has been spreading that you maybe wasting your time and efforts using ezines to market your product or service. Could this be true? Let’s take a better look to give you better insight into this form of marketing.

To better understand this marketing technique, define what an ezine is. Basically, an ezine is an electronic magazine or newspaper that targets your segment of your market. These electronic magazines are widely distributed and one very important factor is that it is subscription based meaning that people opt in to get the information. Literally, these people of opt in are looking for information pertaining to your product and service. A common marketing adage is that the money is in the list and using the subscribers to your ezine you are able to send valuable information to a targeted group of individuals. It way to build a loyal following and promote your business and products or services.

Utilizing this form of marketing allows you to introduce new products or services to eager buyers. Why else would people opt in to your newsletter. An important point to remember is that you should not look at it as a way to just sell to people, but use it wisely to build long term relationships with your subscribers. Use the ezine to build your business and yourself as authority on your product or service. Provide useful and valuable information to build trust among your subscribers. Once you build this relationship with your subscribers, sales will ultimately follow.

The notion that the use of ezines as a marketing tool is useless is simply not true. Those nay sayers are likely those marketers who have no idea of how to use them effectively and have not had any success with their use. The more you understand how to use ezines as a marketing tool, the more rewards you will reap in the end. It’s not a tool that should be used just full of sales pitches, but rather a relationship builder and a vehicle to provide useful information. Providing useful and up to date information is way to build a great and lost lasting bond with your readers and will likely result in sales.

If you currently have not made use of an ezine, it’s time you got started. It’s a low cost way to generate additional sales and also provides you with a list of eager buyers you can sell to, provided you have built a solid relationship with your subscribers. The use of ezines is not dead as some would have you believe, but are still used by the top marketers in the internet. Learning how to use them effectively will show up in additional profits for your business.