Why You NEED an E-Zine Marketing List

An E-Zine is an online newsletter, sent via email, to people on your marketing list. If you don’t have a marketing list, it’s difficult to SEND an E-Zine, and you miss a whole list of functional marketing options. The key component here is building a list, and I can help you with that, but first, let’s discuss all the reasons why you NEED an E-Zine.

1 – Invitation to Bring People Back

People really will forget about you, if you don’t INVITE them to come back to your site, or have some way of connecting with them to bring them back to your website. An E-Zine offers at minimum, an announcement feature that you can use whenever you publish a blog post, telling people – Hey, come see my latest informational blog post.

2 – Another Income or Revenue Building Source

Did you know you could sell ads for your E-Zine? People who are interested in what you offer, may also be interested in other like minded business offers, and those people will pay for advertizing in a related publication. These can sell for as little as $10 – $15 per publication, or as much as $2,000 per publication.The value of the ads is dependent on the number of people on your list. Yeah, we’re back to building you a great list!

3 – A Means of Distributing Informative Articles

Informative articles and valuable content can be shared in your E-Zine, with links back to your website. This drives traffic, builds revenue, and grows your page rank for your website. By creating an informative base of knowledge about your industry at your website, you attract more clients who need information, and gain new clients who want what you offer. Article Marketing goes well with List Building.

4 – Invitation to Participate in Specials and Discounts

Adding a discount certificate or special pricing section to your E-Zine encourages buying customers to come back for a special deal. You send them a coupon in their email, to be printed off – or not, and they bring their coupon to your business to get a great price on items or services you sell. You’d think they won the lottery with the speed some of them return to get their 10% discount!

5 – Invitations to Events

Whether you participate in frequent flyer programs, special annual events and holidays, or just randomly hold a book signing at the local book store, you’ll want to share these details with your Marketing List. More importantly, they’ll want to know. Grow a list of participating team members and share these details with them. If they’re on your list, it’s easy, just send them out an email update and tell them about your event.

Yeah, you really do need a list. Your list will help your business grow by providing you access through a permission-based ezine publishing service that helps you with the process of growing your list, reducing the churn on your list, and improving your communication efforts with the people on your list.

Are Ezines Dead?

For such a long period of time, ezines were the most popular forms of online marketing. Although recently word has been spreading that you maybe wasting your time and efforts using ezines to market your product or service. Could this be true? Let’s take a better look to give you better insight into this form of marketing.

To better understand this marketing technique, define what an ezine is. Basically, an ezine is an electronic magazine or newspaper that targets your segment of your market. These electronic magazines are widely distributed and one very important factor is that it is subscription based meaning that people opt in to get the information. Literally, these people of opt in are looking for information pertaining to your product and service. A common marketing adage is that the money is in the list and using the subscribers to your ezine you are able to send valuable information to a targeted group of individuals. It way to build a loyal following and promote your business and products or services.

Utilizing this form of marketing allows you to introduce new products or services to eager buyers. Why else would people opt in to your newsletter. An important point to remember is that you should not look at it as a way to just sell to people, but use it wisely to build long term relationships with your subscribers. Use the ezine to build your business and yourself as authority on your product or service. Provide useful and valuable information to build trust among your subscribers. Once you build this relationship with your subscribers, sales will ultimately follow.

The notion that the use of ezines as a marketing tool is useless is simply not true. Those nay sayers are likely those marketers who have no idea of how to use them effectively and have not had any success with their use. The more you understand how to use ezines as a marketing tool, the more rewards you will reap in the end. It’s not a tool that should be used just full of sales pitches, but rather a relationship builder and a vehicle to provide useful information. Providing useful and up to date information is way to build a great and lost lasting bond with your readers and will likely result in sales.

If you currently have not made use of an ezine, it’s time you got started. It’s a low cost way to generate additional sales and also provides you with a list of eager buyers you can sell to, provided you have built a solid relationship with your subscribers. The use of ezines is not dead as some would have you believe, but are still used by the top marketers in the internet. Learning how to use them effectively will show up in additional profits for your business.

Ezine Vs Newsletter – Which is Right For Your Business?

Ezine and newsletter are two terms that are often used interchangeably among email marketers and their subscribers. On the surface, there appears to be little to no difference between the two. This is because both can generally be defined as an online publication that is distributed via the email system. With that said, these terms have two distinct origins and applications that set them apart.

Meet the Newsletter

Described as a newspaper or leaflet, the newsletter has been around for quite a while, going as far back as the Boston News-Letter in the early 1700s. Traditionally, it has been used to provide news or information to groups with interests in a specific topic. This aspect has not changed much as newsletters today are targeted at church members, students, business professionals and several other groups of people that share interest in a particular topic. What has changed is the method of delivery. While offline newsletters still exist, these publications have become more widespread online where they are distributed through the email system. Today, newsletters are an essential ingredient for email marketers looking to maintain communication with their target audience.

An Ezine

The term ezine is a portmanteau of the words electronic and zine. Contrary to popular belief, the term does not originate from magazine. It is actually derived from “fanzine”, a printed publication maintained by fans of specific niche topics. These publications are labeled as so because the fanatics typically freely distribute them, doing so out of passion for the topic rather than profit. Due to the similarities and the aspect of the internet, it is no surprise that the words ezine and newsletter are used synonymously. Many people have their own method of distinguishing the two, but only end up describing the same type of publication give or take a few factors. However, it is the diversity of the ezine that truly separates it from a newsletter.

Enter the Web

There are a number of ezines online. Some of the most common examples are EzineArticles, Ezine Directory and Amazines to name a few. These publications generally act as article directories, providing topics that range from email marketing and web hosting to health and finance. Many businesses, writers, and other professionals use these publications to gain exposure for their products or services, and increase traffic to their website. In this sense, an ezine is not like a newsletter at all. It runs on a web server and instead of delivering content via email, it does so from the web. So technically speaking, when most people refer to an ezine, they are actually describing a newsletter.

Clearing the Confusion

Deciphering an ezine from a newsletter can be very confusing and hopefully we did not make it worse. From a technical perspective, they are two different publications that offer their own unique advantages. When referred to synonymously, they are essentially one in the same. The good news for email marketers is that regardless of what you choose to call them, both can be a valuable tool that delivers immeasurable benefits for a marketing campaign.

Digital Magazines: A New Way to Grow Your Business Presence

Today the Internet has changed not only how people access & use the information but also their routine. The number of options when it comes to data sources has significantly multiplied over the last few years and most of them are only a click away. The type of customer that used to be loyal to only one or two information channels has today been replaced by an enthusiastic, demanding and more updated reader expecting to get the latest information quickly.

Digital magazine delivers several advantages, your content can be assembled into publications that can;

Be Auto-update making sure the latest and most updated content is instantly available

Be Built in seconds

Be published everywhere

Be where your audience is present

Encourage a better user engagement

Enjoy a higher click through efficiency

Extract value of archived content

Improved advertising opportunities

Native Apps

Turn your readers into distributors / editors

Introducing a digital magazine can benefit your business in several ways. They make a significant impact in your content distribution and other marketing plans on your content and the provisions of online traffic to your business.

The 6 benefits of digital magazines for your business are-

Global Audience Reach

With digital publishing, you get the benefit of reaching more readers beyond regional boundaries. It has become an influential way of retaining the interests of readers and maintains loyalty even when readers have shifted somewhere else. Readers can have access to the digital edition of the magazine.

Quick Publishing and Distribution

This type of publications helps in reaching and engaging more audiences in a short time. According to a survey, approx. 58 percent of digital magazine readers study their edition at the same day they get it.

Reduces Revenue Loss From Unsold Inventory

This publishing allows you to sell your latest issue copies without having the logistics and expense associated with unsold copies.

Better Awareness of Your Readers

For better customer satisfaction it's very important to have a two way communication. With the assistance of e-publishing software, publishers can easily track how a reader is engaging with a digital magazine based on tracing every click. Tracked information can act like a captured data that can be used in identifying most chosen topics by the readers, and thus gives publishers the opportunity to proactively improve future publications to meet the reader's interests.

Measure Advertising Goals

With the advancement in technologies of ad-management and ad-serving, now it's possible to know how many readers actually clicked on the hotlink given in the advertisement. There is even flexibility to add rich media into content using sound, video and interactive links, offering the reader an experience to watch a commercial and read more about the advertiser online, simultaneously, without opening a separate window and look for the advertiser or the product . According to a survey, approx. 73 percent of people reading online journals are likely to pay attention to the ads, by either reading the content or tapping on them.

Flexibility for Magazine Content

Often, one of the limitations that publishers have to work around is an inflexible layout of content, which is usually prolonged by the total number of pages fixed for a magazine. While in e-magazines, number of content pages can be increased without reducing the text to properly fit in the expected format or changing the layout. Also, there is no extra cost for printing or paper by including more pages to the online journals.

In today's digitally driven society, more and more people are using smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. That's why it's important for businesses to adopt new changes and technologies to continue to succeed and exploit the ever-growing online world and the several benefits that it entails.

Are You Using Ezine Directories in Your Internet Marketing?

When you’re trying to figure out how to get traffic to your web content, there are a lot of options to evaluate. And it’s important that you pick the ones that go well with the product/service you are offering and the target audience for that product/service.

Using ezines to promote your products is a fantastic way to hit the right audience because there is an ezine for every niche possible. There are even ezines about ezines! If you want to save a lot of time doing your own research for the possible ezines to fit your niche, you can use ezine directories.

In case you’re unfamiliar with ezines, they are basically a newsletter that is sent out to a subscriber list who has confirmed interest in receiving them. If you find one that matches what your business offers, you are guaranteed a qualified audience to advertise to.

The best way to reach this audience is by placing what is called an Ezine Solo Ad. This basically means that the producer of the ezine will send out your text ad to his/her audience for a price.

In order to find the right ezines, you can go through ezine directories and do a search for the keywords or keyword phrases that represent your business to find a targeted ezine that you can advertise in.

Here are a few of the many directories that you can take a look at:

New-List offers a wide variety of general categories and thousands of thousands of specific newsletters to choose from within these categories.

eZINESearch allows you to type in the general category that pertains to your business, a description and some keywords. Once you’ve entered this information, you are taken to the results of your search and can get more information about what each ezine offers, the size of its mailing list, the frequency of the mailings, etc.

BestEzines have thousands of ezines to display along with reviews and complete information about each ezine including the target audience, frequency of the newsletter, tags and how many times the ezine has been viewed.

Ezine Directory offers an impressive list of ezines within a fair number of topics but does not provide you with the details on each. In any case, it is always better to contact the publisher of an ezine directly to verify statistics, price, etc. of the ezine.

Jogena’s eZine Directory offers both a listing of ezines and a listing of e-books, which is a nice twist. This site is very well-done and offers a great deal of information on both topics, in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

The Directory of Ezines is actually a paid service but well-worth the investment necessary. Not only does this site offer you an extremely detailed profile of all the different ezines, the owner, Charlie Page, actually also offers you one on one consulting on how to use his service as well as other ezines.

Hopefully these Ezine directories will hold some of the information you’re looking for!